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Analyzing Transport Data with the NumberOk Dashboard

NumberOk is enriched with a block of dashboards in the format of graphs and diagrams.

It allows you to visualize all the transport data that NumberOk recognizes. The new tool analyzes the data in a user-friendly format, tracks changes over time and assess important indicators.

What the Client Gets:

The dashboard generates reports in a graphical format according to the following parameters:

  • vehicle number for a certain period (traffic intensity),

  • statistics by vehicle number plate, make, model, color and type (analysis by category).

How the Dashboard Works

You receive video from IP cameras, and NumberOk recognizes the required vehicle parameters and generates a report in table format. The question before you is how quickly to analyze the information received and how to proceed with it further?

It is sufficient to connect the NumberOk dashboard, which allows visualization of received information.

It can be used to estimate traffic flow by hour, day, month, and peak road congestion, indicating the predominance of the transport type in certain areas (e.g. trucks in the city center). This analysis allows effective control of traffic flow.

Or, for example, it is possible to construct a schedule of visits to shopping malls and parking lots (allocate peak traffic) for further decisions, both organizational and marketing.

One of the special cases is for marketing managers. They can get useful information about the vehicle make and model, evaluate which car brands are prevalent in the city and use it for advertising purposes.

Scaling Information with NumberOk Dashboard

Soon the dashboard will be updated and will work in the web format. This allows the user to control a wide variety of objects and to obtain statistics within the network of facilities, areas, and the whole city.

Today the NumberOk dashboard has already been implemented in European projects, for example border control of transport in Israel. Now specialists at the border obtain graphical data on traffic volume and type of transport.

If you want to use the dashboard NumebrOk in your project, please email us at

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