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Parking Management with NumberOK SMB

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Parking occupancy and access restrictions by available parking spaces. Description, use cases and settings

Parking spaces can get to be complex and flexible useful spaces, which could be used during the day or night differently. Parking Management based on NumberOK SMB have found out, how to automated parking lots and use them without stress and optimal for

parking users.

Parking Management capabilities

Server-based NumberOk SMB software provides opportunities to automated manage parking area through access allowance according to free parking spaces available in the parking area or by a white (allowance) list.

Whitelist allowance. A tenant or a business unit owns a particular number of parking spaces out of a general number of parking spaces available within the perimeter. NumberOk SMB settings allow parking lot occupancy display as well as a list of vehicles with time spent within the perimeter.

Access allowance. Access control management configured below shows a dashboard with parking occupancy and a list of vehicles within perimeter vs. parking time for each vehicle.

NumberOK SMB. Parking occupancy

NumberOK SMB. List of vehicles within perimeter

Parking Management special features

NumberOK SMB software includes Access Control Management and Parking Management modes. The choice of a mode should be based on the customer's needs.

Parking Management mode is used to calculate a number of vehicles within the perimeter (for parking occupancy estimation).

The system must provide verification of particular vehicle entry and exit based on 'passing through' real or imaginary gates.

Access Control Management mode serves for 'by list' access.

The system gives a command to open a barrier to allowed cars.

'Passing through' algorithm requires two consequent cameras or two recognition zones (ROI). The FIRST camera detects and recognizes the license plates before the barrier, while the SECOND one should recognize it after the barrier. Alternatively, one of the cameras could be exchanged for an inductive loop (as on the picture below).

Two steps verification

Two steps verification

This condition should be kept only under the Parking Management mode.

Functionality Description

Access Control scenarios

NumberOK SMB supports two types of Access Control scenarios:

- scenario with combined (common) entrance/exit,

- scenario with divided (or separated) entrance / exit.

Please pay attention to the main thing. It should be installed two cameras (or two recognition zones/zones of interest) - the first one before the barrier, and the second is after the barrier on the parking lots.

NumberOK SMB settings

Parking Management mode is to be turned on in 'Settings' section.

Let's look at the case of a Simple parking lot on 5 parking spaces.

The key issues have to be tackled:

- set access control of the gate with combined (common) entrance and exit,

- one 'List1' vehicle group with two vehicles per 1 parking space with only 1 with 1 guaranteed in the parking area,

- all vehicles are allowed to enter the parking area if there are free spaces.

The next step-by-step NumberOK configuration actions should be done:

1. Connect cameras' video streams and set the recognition zones.

Correctly configure the vehicle direction. The vector must indicate inside (entry) to the parking area.

2. Connect executive devices (control modules) if barrier management is required.

3. Create 'List1' group and add two license plates in it.

4. Set up the Access Control point:       

a. Add cameras, add entry and exit zones;

b. Set access allowance setting - “allowed to all” - access will be regulated only by free spaces availability;

c. Set the checkbox to determine the consequence of recognition zones for a vehicle;

5. Go to the 'Parking Management' mode settings and create a new parking area.

- set total number of parking places at 5

- set available parking places for non-listed cars at 4

- add 'List1' group to this parking area and set number of grantted parking places at 1

- add the configured Access Control points for parking area - in this case, named 'Access Control'

In the next video please mention three main tabs of NumberOK SMB such as View, Group results and Parking.

- Group results;

- Parking;

For modelling, you can use the video at the following link. Instead of two cameras, please select two zones in one camera.

Tips and tricks from FF Group product experts:

1. It is important to ensure the best available image quality on all cameras to hit the highest recognition rate.

2. Recognition errors could lead to inaccurate car count. To prevent accumulated mistakes please check the vehicle list regularly.

3. NumberOK SMB allowed manual add-ons and removals of license plates in the groups within the parking perimeter.

Should you be implementing your own parking system to satisfy your customer's needs we might serve it with our NumberOK SMB parking management mode. Just drop your comments under the blog or on the e-mail

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