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Integration into 3rd party systems

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Integration into third-party systems that analyze data is important for any license plate recognition software. Indeed, many security projects are based on big systems that receive vehicle data (number plate recognition and vehicle classification) for decision-making processes based on the tasks set by the customer (traffic monitoring or access/parking control). For example, it can be integrated with VMS, BI systems (Microsoft Power BI), and various management systems (1C).

In our case, the integration issue is a frequent task from a client who builds complete solutions for managing access control/parking systems and traffic flow control based on NumberOk. Let's review the options that NumberOk offers for integration into third-party systems.

How NumberOk transfers data

NumberOk software offers 3 options for data transfer:

  1. Using the HTTP protocol in Live mode and sending data in JSON format,

  2. Using a TСP server to send data in raw data format,

  3. A third-party system can fetch data directly from the NumberOk database.

What data does NumberOk transfer:

  • recognized number plate, make, model, type and color data,

  • recognition time,

  • country,

  • number plate screenshot.

What events does NumberOk transmit?

The recognized data includes 3 types of events that NumberOk sends to the client. The latter decides which type of event to handle for a particular task.

So, NumberOk transmits the following 3 types of events, which is its unique advantage:

  • new events, that is, primary license plate recognition,

  • an updated event if something has changed during recognition (additional data appeared or the number was incorrectly recognized initially),

  • lost events are sent 5 seconds after the vehicle has left the frame.

Now let's look through the cases, which events are often necessary for a client to make a decision.

Case 1 for parking tasks.

If NumberOk is included in the parking system, then the client will often work with events in the new and update format.

First, you need to get data about the vehicle that arrived (new event). And in case of incorrect license plate recognition, the event is updated in a matter of seconds (update event).

Case 2 for traffic monitoring tasks.

For traffic monitoring tasks, new and lost events are often used. Since the transport is moving in a flow and at high speeds, NumberOk sends a new event and a lost event to confirm the correctness of the number plate.

In summary, NumberOk software is very flexible in settings and integration into external intelligent control and video surveillance systems. It offers several integration options for transferring data and events, and is quickly customizable for the client's needs.

If you want to test NumberOk in your project, please request a Trial DEMO

And if you still have questions about its integration or settings, write to us at

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