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Why does VMS need NumberOK?

Why is it necessary to integrate specialized software for license plate recognition with video management systems (VMS)? With the help of the software, you receive only photographic facts of confirmation of a recognized car according to the given parameters. Sometimes these facts are not enough for the police. Here fact of video confirmation is needed, which can be obtained exclusively from the VMS.

Today, the NumebrOK server-based software is actively integrating with a range of popular VMS, just as the vendors of the VMS themselves integrate it to obtain metadata.

How is the integration done?

There are three easy ways to integrate NumberOK into the VMS:

  • via TCP protocol,

  • in the form of sending Generic Events,

  • over the HTTP protocol.

What types of integration are carried out in NumberOK?

1. Some of NumberOK integrations to popular VMS have been made through Generic Events, such as the integration with Wisenet WAVE and Nx Witness from Network Optics. The VMS receives the recognized license plates from NumberOK, and a text label about the LPR event is put on the LIVE video. This label is also saved to the video archive. It is convenient for tags in the video archive to find recognized vehicles.

2. Our partners have independently integrated NumberOK into their Alnet System, Cayuga and ExtraVision Naval Forces via TCP protocol. Vehicle data (for Alnet System and Cayuga are all vehicle parameters and for ExtraVision only plate numbers) are transferred to the mentioned VMS for further metadata processing with video evidence for traffic control and access control tasks. The VMS can use analytic events from NumberOK to perform various actions, such as identifying offenders, and collecting and analyzing statistical data.

What are the advantages for the VMS integration with NumberOK?

The LPR / MMR recognition module and the transfer of metadata to large VMS are no longer unique, but a “must-have” for any project in traffic monitoring and access control.

For example, NumberOK allows you to solve quite non-trivial tasks for the VMS, such as:

  1. Search for stolen cars by plate number, or plate number and brand (to increase the speed and likelihood in the search),

  2. NumberOK provides the VMS with such important statistics for access control systems (who and when entered the territory, etc.).

NumberOK's ready-to-use analytical modules are available through simple integration into large systems, or they can operate autonomously for small projects and tasks.

If you want to learn more about the NumberOK possibilities for your project, write to us at

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