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Vehicle recognition


What`s new:

Vehicle recognition. With good accuracy!
Without using a neural network!
On the EDGE!

Feature release


What`s new:

- Added new action in reaction module - email notification
- Added new video protocol - MxPEG (MOBOTIX)
- Updated LPR engine. Added new template – Czech and Belarus LP

Hardware requrements

Manuals. Hardware requirements  

1.Solution. Hardware requirements

1.1 Host computer requirements

Recommended minimum hardware specifications for NumberOK Lite, SMB, Enterprise, Meta
-By channels
-CPU, RAM, Storage...

1. Solution. Hardware requirements

1.2 Camera resolution requirements

Calculation to determine the resolution of the camera:
2MP, 5 MP, 4K vs road lanes

Manuals. Installation, licensing and upgrade   

Manuals. Installation, licensing and upgrade   
2. Installation, licensing and upgrade

2.1 Quick Installation Guide

- Software Installation
- Fast test using video-file - Connecting cameras
- Setting up recognition zones
- Collecting first results
- Managing listed cars and access control
- Groups Management
- Reactions

2. Installation, licensing and upgrade

2.2 Installation and activation

-Preparation for installation
- Online activation
- Offline activation
- Local configuration
- Client-server configuration
- Moving NumberOK
- Licence to a different computer
- Running NumberOk as an operating system service

2. Installation, licensing and upgrade

2.3 Converting Traffic Video File for Tests

You may want to test NumberOK with a custom traffic video.

To emulate a camera video stream the video file should be H.264 encoded and AVI is the best container for that.

2. Installation, licensing and upgrade

2.4 Licence Upgrade

Migrating from Demo to commercial

2. Installation, licensing and upgrade

2.5 Software Update Guidelines (single)

This short NumberOK update manual is applicable to a single instance installation on a computer that hosts both NumberOK and the database.

2. Installation, licensing and upgrade

2.6 Software Update-on-Multiple-Workstations

Multiple Workstations Software Update

Manuals. NumberOk Setting up  

Manuals. NumberOk Setting up 
3. NumberOk Setting up

3.1 Numberok Meta. LPR Cameras Connection

Adding LPR camera in NumberOK Meta:
- NumberOK Meta and camera share the same subnet
- NumberOK Meta and camera have a firewall in-between
- Authentication key generation
Connect to NumberOK in NumberOK Edge application:
- NumberOK Edge LPR for Axis cameras
- NumberOK Edge LPR for Hanwha cameras

3. NumberOk Setting up

3.2 Video sources and Recognition Settings

- Connect video source
- Choice of video source
- Video source connection
- Connection troubleshooting
ANPR Settings:
- Recognition Zone
- Number plate size
- Recognition sensitivity
- Direction angle

Manuals. Integrations and API  

Integrations and API
5. Integration

5.1 Recognition Event Snapshots

- Files-Naming
- Logic
- Storage place

5. Integration

5.2 Managing NumberOK via DataBase

- Updating Data
- Adding and removing particular licence plates
- Single time access
- Adding a scheduled entry
- Removing the expired entry
- General note

5. Integration

5.3 LPR Results: Developer’s API

TCP protocal

5. Integration

5.4 TCP Integration

TCP Integration
Basic settings
Preparing for tests
Multiple events for the same Licence Plate Supplementary information

5. Integration

5.5 TCP Package

NumberOK event package specification. Delivered over TCP.

5. Integration

5.6 HTTP post integration

Sending events as JSON over HTTP

5. Integration

5.7 JSON package (HTTP integration)

- JSON Fields
- JSON example
- Example of C-code for sending events
- HTTP headers dump
- Simple php receiver
- Sending messages with CURL executable

5. Integration

5.8 FF JSON Protocol: Exploring and Troubleshooting

Problem: JSON data doesn’t arrive at listening server

5. Integration

5.9 TCP Integration
Tips and Tricks

TCP events and post analytics. NEW, UPDATE , LOST

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